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Submisson of Manuscript

The JAMC(JAMI) is mainly devoted to original research articles. However,research-expository survey articles are sometimes solicited and accepted for publication.
These are papers of the highest quality that present a clear and insightful exposition of significant aspects of contemporary mathematical research.
Authors are encouraged to submit high quality, original work that has neither appeared in, nor is under review by other journals.
High mathematical standards are aimed at. A reasonable amount of compactness is essential and readability of papers is considered important.
The language of publication is English only. The journal maintains strict refereeing procedures through its editoral policies in order to publish papers of only high quality.
Authors must have responsbility of the contents of their papers. The authors ahould send their manuscripts in one of following file formats (PDF, DVI, or PostScript) by E-Mail.

The Editorial Office requires electronic submission of menuscripts. In order to shorten the time involved in the reviewing process,
author(s) must provide a list of FOUR possible reviewers' names with full addresses containing all e-mail addresses.


Manuscripts should be submitted to one of the following editors by E-mail :

Chin-Hong Park, Founding Editor-in-Chief
SpringerChin Institute-CAM
, Seoul, Korea
Sung-Yell Song, Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Department of Mathematics
Iowa State University
* IA, U.S.A.
Dae Sik Kim, Executive Editor-in-Chief
Department of Physics
ChungBuk Nat'l Univ
(ⅱ) Authors may submit their manuscripts by E-mail to an Editor of JAMI Editorial Board whose opinion the author would like to be taken into account. Submission of a paper will be held to imply that it contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere.

Style of Manuscript : All manuscripts should be submitted in English. To avoid delays all submissions should be prepared according to the following guidelines :

(1) The form : The manuscripts must be typed and double-spaced on one side of the sheet only. The use of 12pt fonts is required and all pages are to be numbered.

(2) The typing area : It should not exceed 12.2 cm x 19.3 cm.

(3) The first page : It should contain the title, the name of the author(s), an abstract not exceeding 160 words which must contain main facts and AMS Mathematics Subject Classification followed by key words and phrases.

(4) The last page : It should contain the list of references followed by the author's institution with an e-mail address.

(5) References : The titles of papers and books should be italic . The reference list should be preceded by a reference number with no square brackets alphabetically (in lexicographic order of the last name). The word REFERENCES should be capitalized and centered above the reference list. These should be styled and punctuated according to the following examples:

1. N. Abramson, Information Theory and Coding, McGrow-Hill, Inc., New York, 1963

2. A. Rosenfeld, Fuzzy Groups, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 35 (1971), 512-517

3. L.A. Zadeh, Fuzzy Sets, Inform and Control 8(1965), 338-365

(6) LaTeX or AMSTeX files (final manuscript only) : Authors have to submit LaTeX(or AMSTeX) versions of their final (accepted) manuscripts on diskette. Submitting a typeset file may reduce the publication time significantly. LaTeX(or AMSTeX) files must be submitted on diskette and accompanied by one paper copy of the manuscript.

(7) All figures and tables should be planned to fit the proportions of the printed page(12.2 cm x 19.3 cm) and numbered consecutively with arabic numerals in the order of appearance in the text. They may be designed by LaTeX or AMSTeX. All authors are strongly recommended to submit PS or EPS or BMP files for their figures.

(8) All tables should be designed by LaTeX or AMSTeX.

(9) Sections should be in boldface, centered and numbered with arabic numerals. They should not be capitalized.

(10) Subsections should be in boldface, indent(not centered) and numbered with arabic numerals. They should not be capitalized.

(11) The titles Theorem, Corollary, Proposition, Lemma, Definition and Remark etc. should be in boldface, left-justified and numbered consecutively. The first character of each word should be capitalized and the rest of it should not be capitalized. The contents of these titles except for Remark and Definition must be italic.

(12) The word Proof should be italic and left-justified. ' □' should be put at the end of Proof.

(13) The final manuscript with JAMI format(style) is restricted up to 23 pages. But we do put no restrictions on the invited articles.

(14) All other instructions for the accepted manuscripts will be given to the related authors.


학회 : 정보전산응용수학회(KSICAM) (구: KSCAM & Korean SIGCAM)
연구소 : SPCHIN 전산응용수학연구소 ( SPCHIN-CAM Institute : SPCHIN-CAMI)
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