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2012's   30,3-4(May)
  Two-layer Muti-Parameterized Schwarz Alternating Method for two-dimensional problems
    By Sang-Bae Kim ..........1325
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he convergence rate of a numerical procedure based on { Sch-warz
Alternating Method}(SAM) for solving elliptic boundary value
problems depends on the selection of the { interface conditions}
applied on the interior boundaries of the overlapping subdomains.
It has been observed that the mixed interface condition,
controlled by a parameter, can optimize SAM's convergence rate.
In \cite{Kim_paper2}, one introduced the {\em two-layer multi-parameterized
SAM} and determined the optimal
values of the multi-parame-ters to produce the best convergence
rate for {\em one-dimensional} elliptic boundary value problems.
In this paper, we present a method which utilizes the {\em
one-dimensional} result to get the optimal convergence rate for
the {\em two-dimensional} problem.

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