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2009's   27,3-4(May)
  Full non-rigid group of 2,3 ,5, 6-Tetramethylepyrazine as wreath product and its symmetry
    By Majid Arezoomand ..........932
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The non-rigid molecule group theory in which the dynamical symmetry operations
are defined as physical operations is applied to deduce the character table of the full
non-rigid molecule group (f-NRG) of 2,3,5,6-Tetramethylpyrazine
The f-NRG of this molecule is seen to be isomorphic to the group
${\Bbb Z}_3\wr ({\Bbb Z}_2 \times {\Bbb Z}_2)$, where ${\Bbb Z}_n$ is
the cyclic group of order $n$, of order $324$ which has $45$
conjugacy classes. We determine the some properties and relations
between characters of the group. Also, we examine the symmetry
group of this molecule and show that its symmetry group is
${\Bbb Z}_2 \times{\Bbb Z}_2$.

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